By Simply Adding Professional Web Graphic Elements to Your Sales Pages You Can Increase Your Conversions by Up to 300% !

From the Keyboard of: Ron Passaro

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur

Let's face it, if you are in business for yourself online, you have probably picked up quite a few skills along the way. You probably can handle laying out your own pages, and modifying the header graphic. Maybe even make some extra buttons and flesh out a professional website.

You may even be making successful sales and growing a substantial subscriber list

But... Did You Know

  • Knowledge of Web 2.0, the new trend in web design, is essential to compete in today's internet marketing arena. ?
  • By using professional graphical elements on your website you increase the trust and credibility your visitors have in you and in your product. ?
  • Poorly planned web design with outdated graphics have been shown to deter future sales?
  • Professional, stunning and attractive graphics have been proven to increase your sales conversions?
  • Your competition is aware of the latest web design trends?
  • Having appealing graphics on your sales page can make the difference between 100 sales a month and 3 sales a month... ?
  • Because your site looks then more professional you convert more readers into buyers
  • You need professional marketing graphics in order to grab the attention of your visitors who are perpetually in a hurry,?
  • Marketing studies have shown most visitors scan through your sales page; they don't read it from start to end.
  • Professional graphic designers are expensive to hire, charging up to $50 an hour ... or more?


High Resolution Web Elements

 An amazing collection of professionally designed web 2.0 graphic elements that will are not only high quality but incredibly affordable
Here are only a few samples of the hundreds of Graphic Elements in This Package (over 300 total graphics)

 You Save Thousands of Dollars, because you don't have to hire a web designer to make your web elements !

 You can then spend your hard-earned money to buy more AdWords ads and softwares for your business, spend it with your friends and family, or simply save it for future use.

 You Can Use The Graphics On Any Background Color, not only white, each element is also provided in Transparent PNG format !

 (The total is GIF elements plus PNG elements !!!)

 You're also provided with the JavaScript code to display transparent PNG images correctly in Internet Explorer (that's just one line of code to copy and paste in your page).

 Act Now and You Will Receive the Fast Action BONUS Package, 200 high resolution

This package includes graphic web theme icons which you can use for any project, sale page, ebook, software or website!

Here are a few examples of the actual high quality graphics you will receive

BIG Shiny Buttons Boosts Your Conversions, Increases Your Sales, And Helps Your Visitors Make A Purchase Decision, ... Instantly !